Our experience and approach

We are based in Somerton, Somerset covering the local area door to door/door to work/work to home.

Our enterprising fully qualified ADI's cover the Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test as well as practical tuition.

We believe in a hospitable manner, patience and understanding. You are an individual and we want to help you to achieve the freedom and independence you require.

Our aim is to teach you to drive with all the capabilities of a good driver. This means not just having the understanding of car use but the knowledge of the use of the road and all its intensities. We teach you driving skills that you will use for life. The aim is to keep not only you safe but other road users as well.

We aim to personalise your lessons suited to your level of competence so you acquire the skills of driving at the pace that suits your needs.

We cater for all ages you are never too old to learn! We also offer off-road tuition for 16 year old learners.

We keep our knowledge fully updated with information from the DSA and The Motoring Schools Association.

In this day and age you can't have too much experience that's why our training does not end when you pass your test; we also offer motorway training and we are registered with the DSA to give Pass-Plus training which gives you further experience and can also lead to lower insurance costs. We also offer driving assessment lessons to help you keep your skills sharp and current.

We offer competitive prices coupled with our special discounts and FREE lessons.